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(I work at a very popular pet store. I usually like to wander around and help people out when I am bored. Today I am roaming the aisles when I see a man in a baggier gray jacket looking very perplexed at the treat wall.)
Me: Hello sir! Anything I can help you with today?
Customer: Oh we were just looking around, but thank you!
Me: …we?
Customer: Oh yeah we! *opens his jacket with a huge smile to reveal two small chihuahua puppies just chilling in his coat*
Customer: Here take em I would love to shop around for a while without them squirming around *Hands me both puppies and walks away nonchalantly*
Me: This is the best day ever.
(And that is how I got paid to babysit two baby chihuahuas for an hour while their dad wandered around the store. Best day ever.)

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