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I take my partially full cart to the checkout and get behind a young woman with a pile of items that is almost completely bagged. She is buying for a school and has multiple of every item such as six gallons of milk, three whole, two 2%, and one 1%. She runs her card and finds out she is $10 short. She starts arguing that she buys this much each time and what is on the card has to be enough. The casheir has to re-scan all the items, guess what, still $10 short. Not only that but some item, like the skim milk are not eligible for her WIC discount. She keeps insisting that she always buys the same thing and gets the discount.

After fifteen minutes I see this is going to take all day so I ask the older woman behind me to back out so we can go to an empty register. Nope, she has already placed her few items on the belt and is not moving. I say, “But lady, I have to go”. Still not moving.

I push the cart of woman in front of me out the end and squeeze my cart around her and go to another register. Two minutes later I take my food and go.

I imagine she worked for a government funded pre-K and got funds to buy them lunch and snacks. Nothing wrong with providing a service, just make sure competent people are hired to handle the money.

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