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(I’m on register, but since it’s not busy at all, I’m called over to the customer service desk to sign an audit. While I’m there, a customer comes in through my lane. The customer service desk is maybe ten feet away from the registers, and the customer can clearly see that I’m talking with a manager. The second I’m aware I have a customer, I walk back to my lane.)
Me: Hello, how are you?
Customer: About time you got here.
Me: I’m sorry, I was discussing something with my manager. Find everything okay?
(The customer glares at me. I scan her items in silence. I come upon a slightly dented can. The dent is small enough that I’m not sure if she intentionally got the can or not. I’m about to ask her about it when she interrupts me.)
Customer: Is that can dented?
Me: Ye-
Customer: Then you should’ve asked me if I wanted it!
Me: … Do you want it?
Customer: No!
Me: (voids can and sets it aside) Your total is (total).
Customer: You always need to ask the customer if they want a damaged item!
Me: (thinking) Then you should’ve given me a chance to ask you. (says) I’m sorry. Have a good day.
(The customer glares at me until she walks out of the store).

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