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(Note: the names in question have been changed.)

I work at a small, family-owned bakery. I overheard my coworker, who happens to be one of the owner’s sons, have this exchange with a customer:

Customer: Hello, are the Smee-i-ah-ths in today?

Owner’s son: Excuse me?

Customer: You know, the SMEE-EYE-AHHH-THHS.

Owner’s son: I’m sorry, I don’t know who you mean.

Customer: The SMEE-i-ah-THS!! The owners! I’m really good friends with them and wanted to say hi!

Owner’s son: Ohh, you mean the SMITHS. Yes, I am right here. My mom is over there. *points to his mother standing a few feet away.*

Customer: *turns bright red*

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