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I’m a manager at a popular store where everything is only $1 or less. There are signs ALL OVER the store with our name and “only $1” slogan. We often get mistaken for othe similar named stores, but their items cost more than $1.
Customer: where is your coffee?
Me: right this way sir
Customer: no I wanted (name brand coffee)
Me: oh I’m sorry sir we don’t carry that brand.
Customer: it was in your flyer!
Me: I’m sorry sir, but no. We really only carry instant coffee or off brand. Its very hard to find name brand for $1
Customer: well it was in your flyer!!!!! (At this point the wife shows up)
Wife: Yes it was advertised in your flyer!!!! You have to have it!!!! Names other store!!!
Me: Ma’am I’m sorry we’re (store name) not (other store name). Different store.
Wife: Well Excuse Me! But the sign on the front of your store (meaning the big huge lit up sign on the building) says (she yells the other stores name)!!!! How dare you!
Me: No ma’am it certainly does not! It says (our store name), just like all the signage in the store. You’re welcome to check yourself, but I assure you it says (our store name).
They STORM OFF out of the store angry still not believing me.
The things you experience in retail. People are so entitled and expect you to make unicorns appear from their demands.

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