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(I work at a truck stop that does a deep cleaning of the kitchen every six months which means at about 9 p.m. they stop taking orders for the kitchen so the grill has time to cool down before the cleaning crew arrives. I am the cashier and overhear this between a waitress and what appears to be a mother nad her teenage daughter that have just sat down after 9.)

Waitress: Hello ladies. Just to let you know the kitchen is closed for cleaning, but we do have our dinner buffet for another hour then we will switch to our soup and salad bar with cold cuts for sandwiches.

Daughter: What about eggs? I want some egg.

Waitress: Unfortaintly, that does include eggs. I am sorry ladies.

Mother: Well, she is a picky eater and doesn’t like cold cut sandwiches.

Daughter: Can we just go get some Subway?

(The waitress and I just smiled at the two left with both of us very confused.)

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