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(I work at a grocery store that allows customers to shop online and pick it up that same day. We sometimes have a manager review an order if the customer has complained in the past. We have this one customer, let’s call her Tina, who loves to take advantage of the system so much so that no one wants to deal with her at all. We’re pretty relaxed about managers reviewing our orders, especially if we’re busy, but we always make sure a manager reviews Tina’s orders. On this day, I got a fairly new manager to review Tina’s order. As she did, she had some questions for me about the order, which I answered. After a few minutes of back and forth…)
Manager: Oh, you know what? It might help if I had the original order list instead of her current order.
(The current order list does not show any substitutions or out of stocks I made. I passed the review, and hopefully Tina not have a complaint the next time she places an order.)

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