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This is a story from the same stay at the same hotel in Berlin (Maritim) that I submitted about an hour ago.

Preparing the same 800+ guest congress, two days earier we were setting up a large hall with large (12-person) dinner tables. The hotel was represented by a very helpful young shift manager lady, who was laying our tablecloths with us and generally facilitating everything.

Anyway, the day was long and busy and I only managed to get breakfast early in the morning, surviving on coffee through the day. We were done with our work around midnight, at which point the kitchen was closed already. However, I was already familiar enough with the staff to afford going to the kitchens myself to ask if there were any leftovers. I literally didn’t care, I was hungry.

Me [talking to a kitchen assistant]: I literally don’t need You to fix me anything, but if there’s anything left over, I’ll gladly take it off Your hands.

Kitchen assistant [polite but bemused]: Sorry, we’ve taken care of everything left over from dinner, sorry.

At that point, the mentioned shift manager shows up, all smiles.

Shift manager [cheerful]: Hi, Luke, what do You need?

Me: I need something to eat, but these guys said there’s nothing left.

Shift manager: I’m afraid so.

Me: There’s nothing, nothing, really?

Shift manager [paused for a while, then]: Give me a minute.

She disappeared for a moment and returned with a large plate covered with assorted and random biscuits and the like. Everything was sweet or chocolate-coated.

Me [very grateful and smiling] Thank You very much! See You!

Tired, I took to my room to eat what I got and collapse. Luckily, I had something to drink upstairs, and I expected my roommate to be fast asleep. But I still had to return to the reception to get my keycard recoded first :)

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