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The place I work at has a residential centre for men only. Most of the guys are really nice and just trying to get back on their feet, but every now and then, you get some interesting ones. I was helping out with things behind the front desk, when a man approaches in a wheel chair.
Me: Hello sir, how can I help you.
Man: (Mumbles something I can’t hear)
Me: I’m sorry, what did you say?
Man: You better (mumble) (mumble)
Me: Sorry, could you speak up? I’m having a hard time hearing you.
Man: You better call an ambulance.
Me: Oh god, absolutely. Is everything okay?
Man: No, I’m going into labour.
Me: I’ll just…wait, what?
Man: Call the ambulance, I’m going into labour. I’m going to have a baby.
Me: …
Man: …
Me: I’ll just, I’m just going to call my supervisor, okay?
We ended up calling the police because we were unsure of what to do and he was so adamant he was going to have a baby. They helped him realize he was not about to have a baby.

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