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So the chain store I work for is currently going out of business, and we deal in special parts for folks who like to build electronics or need special chargers, so on and so on. As I’m sure you guessed we’ve got everything discounted anywhere from half off to 80% so customers come in hoping to get a steal. I’m also sure you guessed we’ve emacted a NO RETURNS policy. This customer didn’t seem to get that memo, even with me telling him, the big yellow sign next to the register, and it being printed on the receipt. He had bought a charge cord for a GPS but found out it was the wrong one after getting it home. When I told him no returns, pointing out the big sign in the process, he throws the cord at me while yelling about how ridiculous it is. I try to appease him with some “I’m sorry”s and offer to sell him the right cord and he takes that as the perfect time to challenge me to a fight outside.
To give an idea of the potential outcome I’m a 22yo bear of a guy who dresses like a hipster. He’s a 5’0” middle aged man.
I look him square in the eye and tell him “Brother I don’t think you wanna get beat up by a guy with a man bun today. Not in front of your kids.” He then storms out and flips me off through the window, leaving his kids to catch up with him and yelling some more when he got to his car.
So if you’re reading this, bald guy with the dead GPS, I have your charger. Works great for me.

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