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(We have three bargain bins up front near the registers. Two of them are for discounted items and clearance, and the third is for toys that are billed by the manufacturer as being two for $5. Individually, the toys are $2.99. Customers don’t like to read the signs on each bin, and when rifling through them things have a way of getting mixed up so that clearance items get mixed in with the 2 for 5 bin. This is just after Christmas, when all of our holiday items have been discounted.)

Customer: *comes to the register with a 2 for 5 toy and a discounted Christmas toy*

Me: *not noticing, I ring them up*

Customer: Wait, I thought these were two for five?

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, this one here is part of the two for five set, but the reindeer is from a different bin.

Customer: But they were in the same bin! It says two for five!

Me: Things get jumbled around when people search through them, I’m sorry.

Customer: You have to honor it! Ugh, this is terrible.

Me: I’m sorry, you can go back and pick out another two for five toy if you want?

Customer: Ugh, fine!

(She glares at me all through the rest of the transaction. It’s not my fault she couldn’t tell the toys were two different styles, from two different bins! I’d love to separate the discount bins from the two for five bin, but there’s nowhere else to put them.)

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