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I was shopping at Target, I don’t work there, I’m not wearing any clothes that even resemble the Target uniform. And then this woman walks up to me looking annoyed.
Woman: Hey!
Me: What?
Woman: My toddler ran off, go get him.
Me: Why would I do that?
Woman: It’s your job!
(She started freaking out)
Me: Sorry mam, but I don’t work here
Woman: Shut up, I’ll get you fired!
Me: Go talk to one of the ACTUAL workers
Woman: (Starts freaking out) YOU ****ing ***** I’LL GET YOU FIRED IF YOU DON’T DO WHAT I SAY YOU ****ing ******!
Me: I don’t work here, stop yelling at me
(This continues for a while, eventually, an actual worker walks up and tells her to leave, she starts screaming and has to be removed from the store. What still confuses me is what I found out afterwards, she didn’t even have a toddler.)

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