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(My Dad had a guy come into the Beer Store one day, asking if they had a particular drink. My Dad said that they didn’t, but the guy kept arguing, insisting that they did. Finally, my Dad messaged his boss, asking him. Of course, his boss came back with the same answer my Dad was telling the guy.)

My Dad stuck out the phone and said, “See here? This is the guy, who would know. If he says we don’t, then we don’t.”

Though, the guy still continued to argue, and then said, “I’ll be back in tomorrow to ask. Who will be here that would know?”

“Me.” my Dad answered.

“Well, I come in here all the time, and I live on (nearby street). You guys always have (drink). I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“You go right ahead and do that. I live around here, too, and I’ve never seen you before in my life.” Those were the last words my Dad said, before the idiot customer walked out…

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