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(I work in a well known fast food joint. I’m friendly with the costumers and know most of the regulars by name or order. One man, who comes in every now and then, is often quite rude to the female workers. This happens when I’m training a new employee. We are both female.)

Man: Lovely day, [Shortened Version of My Name That I Hate]?

Me: [With a Cake Smile] Yes sir. It is.

Man: [Looking Down at Mine and My Trainees breasts] Bet you two *homophobic slur* are going skinny dipping together later, huh? Mind if I join?

(I look over at my trainee and see that she is rather shook at the man has just said. We are both straight I turn my gaze back to the man and put on my sickly sweet smile and flutter my eyes. I reserve this expression for the most foulest of people)

Me: What would you like to order, sir?

(The man places his order and tells us how he would like his burger. While he talks I show my trainee which buttons to press. She is still flustered by the man’s earlier comment, that she hits the wrong button.)

Her: Oops I hit the wrong the wrong button. I wasn’t paying attention.

Man: Well you’re not paid to think. You’re paid to serve me. *looks over at me* Isn’t that right?

(I lose my sickly sweet smile and fluttering eyes and go completely deadpan)

Me: No, sir, you’re not. Because we are not serving you anymore. You done nothing but ogle and harass us since you walked in. Please leave and don’t come back.

Man: *clearly enraged* I demand to speak to your manager.

(Our manager has left to go to another store to pick up supplies that we need and has left me a manager-in-training in charge)

Me: I am the manager and we have spoken. Please leave before I call my husband who is a police officer.

(The man lunges himself across the counter and grabs me by uniform. I push him off me, and grab the store phone and start dialing 911. The phone is knocked out of my hand and I am clocked in the face so hard I fall to the ground. My trainee picks up the phone and finishes the call. By now two of the cooks have run to restrain the man. They hold him to the ground until the police arrive, my husband being one of the officers. He is arrested, charges are pressed, and I am taken to the hospital with a concussion and a dislocated jaw. Amazingly despite a horrible first day of work the young woman I was training comes back.)

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