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So I had a mom come in with her kids and asks me straight away where the cheapest bras we have in the store were located. So I told her and explained to her that the cheapest bras we had were $34. I recognized that she had our mall coupon book and had a coupon for 50% off one item for our store. Told her she could use that. So she says “Okay awesome” and looks around for 20 minutes or so. She brings me a $44 bra, I ring it up and the total after tax is around $25. She says “okay” then after I ring it up, she says “I’m sorry but I can’t pay $25 for a bra because I have kids to worry about. I can pay $20 for it but I won’t pay $25.” I’m thinking, “Are you frekkin serious right now?!” So I go back explain to my asst. manager that I needed her key to the register to void the transaction (these were old computers).
It just blows my mind….for one, I told the lady the cheapest in the store were $34 and she picks up a $44 bra lol. For 2, what the hell are you gonna get your kids for $5?! A frekkin lollipop?

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