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My boyfriend and I have been out running errands for a good portion of the day, and are making our final stop at a large, international retail chain, known for it’s assortment of “odd” customers. Upon arriving, I decide to use the store restroom, despite it being notoriously disgusting. The only stall that is both unoccupied, AND clean, is the handicapped stall, the only stall from which you can’t see a person’s feet.
While I’m in there, another woman comes into the restroom, sighing loudly as she makes her way down the row of stalls, eventually coming to the door of the handicapped one.
She tries to open the door, which I think nothing of, as there really isn’t a way to tell that the stall is occupied other than by checking the door.
Before I have a chance to call out that the stall is occupied, the lady pulls on the door so violently that she breaks the lock. I yell out in shock, as she tries to walk into the stall. She slams the door shut, and starts ranting to herself about “f**king kids, not locking doors.”

Well, lady, I’m an adult, for starters, so f**k your “kid” comment, and I DID lock the door… funny thing about locks, they stop working when you force them out of place.

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