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I worked at a pool where you can hook up your own music to the speaker system, the music just has to be appropriate and kid friendly. As a result, I created a playlist that has various musical genres and can be random at times, but the best moments with this music came from the kids who were listening to it.
Once, we had a daycare group come in, and The Human Beinz – Nobody but me came on. Suddenly, an adorable mini mosh pit erupted as these kids were laughing and dancing in their lifejackets to the music. To make matters even better, Justin Bieber – Love Yourself came on just afterwards and a kid with a slight lisp sang all the words at the top of his lungs. It sounded like this:
KID: Cause if you WIKE the WAY you WOOK dat much, oh baby you should go and WUV yourself.
The best, however, was the Michael Jackson kid. I discovered him on a Friday night closing shift, when he came in with his mother. I was guarding when Billie Jean by Michael Jackson came on. As I was scanning, I came across him performing an entire choreographed routine and moonwalking as best as he could across the deck. His mom was laughing, but was trying to get him to swim.
Mom: Okay, that’s enough, please stop.
Me: No, keep going!
Friday nights can usually be a drag because it’s a lot of misbehaving teenagers, but it was always a joy to see this kid living his best life to the music.
I hope all the kids that I have seen stop what their doing and sing along never lose that joy.

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