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( my wi-fi card in my computer stopped working, i call tech support and they tell me I have to send it in ontario for repair. being in the end of my semester, it’s not the best solution possible and decide to head to the store to see if they can help.)

Entrance employee: Hi, how can we help you?

Me: Hi, I have a problem with my computer and would like to know if you guys could help.

Entrance employee: just go over there behind the lady where there is the orange wall.

* I head over to where the lady told me to go*

Floor Employee : Hi, have you been answered?

Me: no

Emplyee : (goes to the back and warns someone i’m waiting) Shouldn’t be long!

not two minutes go by before this happens again (note the employee that was in the back is helping the lady in front of me) and it happenned two other times (3-4 times in 3 minutes)

Employee (the one from the back) : Hi, how may I help you today?

Me: Hi, I have a problem with my computer, it refuses to connect to the internet, even the icon is gone. And when i tried to restart it, both times my computer had a critical failure in the middle of the restart.

Employee : Okay, do you have your reciept?

Me: No… i think I forgot it *place 5 hours from there*

Employee : Alright, do you know if you had a prolongued warranty?

Me: No…

Employee : do you have the phone number you would have bought it with?

Me : *gives 3 possible phone numbers*

Employee : ok… do you have the card it was bought with?

Me: no, but I could get you the number?

Employee : Try to, in the meanwhile i’ll see if I can find anything.

he doesn’t find anything, I get the card nuber, however, he needs the time I bought it and the location. I give him a 6 months period for the possible time and has only a general area for the location. He doesn’t find anything with it but we end up finding a digital copy of the recipt in my e-mails. He is filling the repair form to send with the computer when:

Me: Is there a risk it will whipe out my computer’s datas?

Employee : *worried* Actually yes, it is recomended that you don’t have any important files in your comupter before sending it to be fixed.

Me: oh, could you do a backup?

Employee: yes, but it costs money.

Me: How much?

Employee: Well, it depends on how many data there is to make a backup of, it starts at 60$

Me: *opens my computer to check how many Gigabites i’m currently using and show him*

Employee : Could I try something?

Me: If you can fix it without sending it, of course!

*clicks on a few things and reactivate something that wasn’t activated anymore*

Employee: There you go!

Me: amazing thanks!!

afterward another employee tried to find me a bill since it didn’t cost me anything because I wanted to thank the employee and she told me the best way was to fill a survey online you only got access to if you had a bill, I ended up bying a chocolate bar and leaving a good comment about them in the survey.

Sometimes employees are really awesome!

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