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Me: Thank you for calling [company]. This is [me]. How can I help you?
Caller: (in a grouchy tone) I’m calling to check if you received the items I was returning.
Me: Do you have your order number or [company name] account number with you?
Caller: I have my order number. It’s [6 digit number]. (Our order numbers are 9 digits long, but I check to see if it’s her account number, which it is not.)
Me: I’m sorry, that’s not a valid [company name] order number. Can you give me your account number or your phone number to look up your return?
Caller: My phone number is [phone number].
Me: I apologize, but there are no accounts coming up with that phone number. Is there another phone number that you could have set up your [company name] account under?
Caller: No, that’s the only phone number we have. I got the order number from my invoice; can you try looking it up from that again.
Me: And you’re looking at your [company name] invoice?
Caller: Yes, I have my invoice right here…….Wait, what company are you?
Me: [Company name], ma’am.
Caller: I’m so sorry. I called the wrong number.
(Disclaimer: I had suspected for a little while already that she had called the wrong company, but was worried she would react badly if I asked, considering she was already cranky to start with.)

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