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(I’m out shopping in a hugely popular hardware/improvement store with my mom and like always I venture off. Mind you, I’m in my young 20s so it’s okay. I’m also wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.)
Man: *walks up to me*
Me: *glances at him then back to the display in front of me*
Man: Lightbulbs
Me: *turns* um…I’m sorry?
Man: Lightbulbs!
Me: *completely confused* uh…what about them?
Man: *irritated sigh* well where are they?
Me: umm…I don’t know? I don’t work here
Man: *quickly looks at my outfit* Oh *walks away*
Me: *in my head* what just happened?

(Seriously, I’m in a jeans and sweatshirt. And even if I was an employee, how rude is it to just demand the item and not properly ask?)

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