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I wake up to find the weather has turned and everything is covered in about= a half inch of solid ice. Schools are closed, half the city is without pow= er and the public transit is severely delayed. I look at my phone to see a = text from my ride to work saying she can’t get into her car, the ice i= s too thick. I sigh but know I still have to get to work. I get myself read= y and head out to catch the bus partway and walk the rest, I slip on the ic= e on my stairs and land on my back with a loud pop. After a moment of gaspi= ng and regaining my composure. I make it inside and call my boss, letting h= er know I won’t be able to make it, I have to now take the bus to my d= octors office. She scoffs and asks if I can make it in afterwards. Momentar= ily speechless, I manage to tell her that I’m trying to stretch or ben= d and cant do it without a massive wave of pain. After a moment of guilt tr= ipping I tell her I’ll call if I can come in, to which she responds &q= uot;Well the longer I have to stay, the worse the roads will be for me&quot= ; ……I still don’t understand her logic, as I’d have to get a = ride or walk home on the same roads if I came in.

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