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, | Unfiltered | October 4, 2020

I was just off work from my department store job at the time and decided I should go out and treat myself a little bit so I went to the pharmacy nearby to get sweets, still in my uniform (which is just black clothes). Let’s note that at that pharmacy chain, the customers need to grab a key from the counter to access the bathroom. A group of teens approach me.
Teen: Do you work here?
Me: No, I’m just off work from somewhere else.
Teen: Okay. Can we have the bathroom keys?
Me: I don’t work here, but they are usually on the counter.
He stares at me blankly, wanting for me to go get the keys for them.
Teen: Where are the keys.
Me: I’m not sure, I don’t work here. They usually are on a counter, probably that one over there. *points at prescription counter which is clearly visible*
Teen: Can’t you help us?
At this point I was getting fed up.
Me: Go look if the keys are there or go ask to the cashier just over there. *points at cashier who is not seeing/hearing the situation and also just waiting for costumers to come to her cash* I don’t work here and I’m off the clock. Good luck.
They finally left on the quest for the key, looking miffed. Some people just think you HAVE to serve them, because they want to. Didn’t even ask politely,

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