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(My co-worker and I work at a supermarket deli that closes at 9 pm sharp. We walk to our time clock, which is in the employee area of the deli and past a hard plastic door. The very second I clock out, someone knocks on the plastic door. We look at each other confused.)
Me: Did someone just?…
Co-worker: *peeks out* yep…
(Turns out a customer walked through an employee area, which requires slip-resistant shoes, and knocked on the door to get our attention, then walked back out of the employee area. My co-worker sighs, ties her hair back up, and goes to help him as I watch from the door.)
Customer: I tried to get your attention, but you didn’t hear me.
(Neither of us heard this man, not one peep.)
Co-worker: I’m sorry, sir, but the deli is closed. We’ve already clocked out.
Customer: *points to his watch* But it’s nine
Co-worker: *nods* yes, that’s when the deli closes. We can’t do anything, we’ve already clocked out.
(The customer grumbles and walks away and my co-worker quickly clocks out. I have never seen someone with the audacity to walk into an employee area to flag someone down as they closed.)

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