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(The following happens WAY too often, mostly because our store doesn’t have a sign.)

The phone rings, someone (often myself) picks up.

Me: Thank you for calling (store) this is (my name) how can I help you?

Caller: Hi where are you located?

Me: We are adjacent to the Walmart.

Caller: Where?

Me: Adjacent to the Walmart.

Caller: But that’s Walmart’s tire department, where are you guys?

Me: (note: there is literally nothing to the left of the Walmart but field) …to the LEFT of the Walmart.

Caller: To the…but that’s (other store to the left of ours)

Me: …no, sir/madam, we are between those two stores.

Caller: OH! OH I see you, thank you! *hangs up*

(I wish we had a sign.)

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