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(I worked in a well know pizza chain that my parents owned. My parents didn’t just let me skate by though they expected just as much from me as any other employee. At this point I was closing manager when a customer calls in to order.)

Me: Thank you for calling (pizza business). My name is (name). How may I help you today.

Customer: I would like (names off a couple pizzas) and some breadsticks.

Me: Would you like marinara with the breadsticks?

Customer: Marinara is included

Me: I am sorry, but the sauce is $0.50 extra

Customer: No it’s $2.00 for breadsticks and sauce.

Me: You are correct it is $1.50 for the breadsticks and $0.50 for the sauce.

Customer: No you are not listening to me it is $2.00 for both

Me: I understand and I agreed with you. I also gave how it comes to that price. I just wanted to let you know for future reference so that way you don’t assume they just come together in case one of our employees forgets to ask.

Customer: Sauce always comes with the breadsticks.

Me: We probably have always asked. It is part of our script, but I just wanted to let you know in case someone forgets like a new hire.

Customer: You are still not listening to me. Breadsticks always comes with sauce!

Me: I am sorry ma’am but sauce has never come automatically with the sauce. It is $2.00 for the two just like you said, but it’s $1.50 for sauce and $0.50 for the sauce. Again I am just trying to make sure you don’t have a problem in the future. Just to make sure i have this order right you want ( read off order ending with breadsticks and sauce)

Customer: The breadsticks automatically come with the sauce I don’t want an extra sauce!

Me: (tired of arguing) There is just the one sauce ma’am. Does your order sound correct.

Customer : D@$% it you still aren’t listening to me the breadsticks come with a sauce! Don’t charge me extra for the sauce.

Me: I am just charging the $2.00 like you said in the beginning for the breadstick and sauce together.

Customer: But the sauce isn’t separate. You are listening to me. I want to speak with the manager.

Me: I assure you they have always been separate and I am the manager on duty.

Customer: I want to speak with the owner then.

Me: The owner isn’t here right now, but I am the owners son. Now does your order sound correct?

The customer finally agreed the order was right but still was grumbling about the price of the sauce. Luckily that was the roughest call of the night. I have had worse.

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