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(I’m working the window at drive thru, taking money and handing out orders.)

Me: “Hi there! Your total is (total).”

Customer: “What? No, that doesn’t sound right! That’s too much!”

Me: “Oh, well did you have (reads off order)?”

Customer: “Yes, that’s what we had.”

Me: *Being friendly* “Well then it’s (total)!”

Customer: “No, that’s too much!”

Me: “Are you sure there wasn’t something extra?” *reads off the order one item at a time, so he can confirm each item*

Customer: “Yes that’s all correct.”

Me: *Unsure how to proceed* “Well if that’s everything you wanted, then-”

Customer: “Is our coupon on there?? We have a coupon!”

Me: *trying to stay friendly* “No sir, I was unaware of a coupon! May I have it?”

Customer: “Why wasn’t it on there already? That’s why the price was too much, it should’ve already been on there!”

Me: “Here’s your food sir, sorry about that mix up.”

(He made sure to tell me a few more times that I should’ve already added the coupon that he hadn’t told me about before leaving with his food.)

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