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(I work overnight in a hotel on weekends. Due to our large suites I usually have to throw out at least one party every week. This one has to take the cake for sheer audacity. I get a call from the room next to the party complaining about the noise, I check and they didn’t sign a party policy which is odd since we’re always supposed to get them from local guests. Normally I’d call the police and just have them ejected but since we didn’t have the form I decided to talk to them first):
Me: I’m getting noise complaints form this room. I need you to quiet down right now and get people out of the room or I have to call the police and have you thrown out.
Guest: We’re sorry we’ll quiet down
(I return to the desk and immediately get another complaint about the room. I apologize and say I just spoke with them but to call me back if it continues to be a problem. 20 minutes later the phone rings again complaininig about the same room so I call the police to chuck them out as I warned. The cop brings the guest to the desk).
officer: They say the people making the noise have left and want to know if they can stay
Me: No I’m sorry I gave them warning they need to leave
(Officer and guests leave. 20 minutes later I get another call complaining about the room. I call the police again and the women come back to the desk).
Guests (muttering to themselves): He’s racist and we don’t want to deal with the racist (local police). (To me) So are we going to be charged for the room?
Me: Yes there’s nothing I can do about that
Guests: but the guys had taken a key and just came back we’re gone now
Me: You have to talk to a manager theirs nothing I can do
Guests: (leave muttering about how racist I am)
(meanwhile the people next to them have checked out because of the noise and later both the people who left leave a review complaining about the noise issue and the people I threw out leve a review about how I’m a racist. Admittedly I’m white and their black but you can’t throw a party in a hotel room and expect to not get thrown out).

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