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Customer with no handicap tags or hanger pulls into handicap space. She barges into the store and starts demanding my attention. She makes me lower the height of a seat-stool thay we have instead of doing it herself and she demands to know why her “wi-five” isnt working. This isnt an old person; this is a 30-something year old lady.

Now, if a phone has been deactivated, no phone features will work. Well, it can make calls, so it iant suspended, even with a short past due balance. There’s no data block on her account. No settings point to it being turned off. I even make a quick google search and it’s working fine.

I explain it’s probably the website she’s trying to access, and she looks at me like I’m stupid. So she calls customer service and demands they turn her wi-five back on. Customer care explains the same thing, everything looks fine, but she is close to her data limit. She asks what data is. All this time, she has had no idea what data is and how it is different from wi-five. She then berates Customer Service for not helping her, sarcastically comments that AT&T are being very helpful today, and makes me fiddle with the phone’s settings. Showing every bit of restraint I have, I do not effectively shut her phone down with the settings, but I (surprisingly) can’t fix this nonexistant problem. At this point, the lady finally just storms out and shouts at me that she’ll call corporate and get us both fired.

So, all things considered, a pretty average AT&T interaction.

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