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Late at night,we’re getting ready to close, my co-worker is stocking the beer cooler.

Two Hispanic guys come in and it’s obvious they’re drunk. The law says I can’t sell to anyone who’s intoxicated, so I say “Sorry guys, I’m not going to be able to sell you anything, why don’t you come back tomorrow”.

So one of them says “You’re just prejudiced” (I’m a blue-eyed redhead). I notice they’re getting “the look”, meaning they’re ready to fight.

Right at that moment my co-worker comes out of the cooler & I say to him, “Hey, (co-worker) these guys say I won’t sell to them because I’m prejudiced”

He throws his arm around me and to my surprise says to them “Yeah, (my name) here don’t like n****** or s****”. They suddenly calm down & stumble out of the store.

My co-worker, a friend who would come to my house after work & drink whiskey with me, was African-American.

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