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This is kind of a long story.
I work at a toy store. Once, an elderly couple walked up to me with a box in their hands, asking what the used materials and the producer is.
Me: It is from plastic and rubber, and is made in China, however the company is based in the USA.
The elderly man: China? You said China?
Me: Yes, sir, China.
The elderly man: Everything made in China is s***! How dare you to offer something like that in your store! Where’s your manager?
Me: … Sir, I assure you, all the toys sold here fit the standards of the EU.
The elderly man: But… But China!
Luckily, he didn’t mention calling the manager again.
The elderly woman: Do you have one of these on display somewhere? I’d like to touch it.
Me: Unfortunately, we don’t, but I can carefully open the box you’re holding so you could see the toy.
The couple agrees to do that. I open the box (we do so quite often, as many customers want to touch/see the product before buying, so it’s considered normal) and show them the toy. They touch it, lift it up, look at it from the other sides, all while the elder man complains about products made in China. I almost lost it when he started sniffling the item…
After a while they decided to take it, so I closed the box and took them to the cash register. But it didn’t end there.
The elderly lady: In case if my grand daughter doesn’t like it, will we be able to change it for another toy?
Me: Yes, as long as the packaging and the toy are undamaged.
The elderly man: But you just opened the box!
Me: … Yes, I did.
The elderly man: So it’s damaged now!
Me: It isn’t.
I show them the box from all the sides.
Me: See? It’s in perfect condition.
The elderly man: But you opened the box! We want to get another one!
I knew we had one more of those in backdoor, but I didn’t want to give them that out of principle. Oops.
Me: Sorry, this is the last one. But I assure you, as long as you don’t tear the packaging or break the toy, you will be able to change the item if you wish.
After a few more minutes me trying to convince them it will be okay, they finally bought the item and exited the store. Thank God.

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