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21 Funny Stories About Canada – Happy Canada Day!

| Right | July 1, 2020

Dear readers,

We know we’re doing a few roundups about that other country on the North American continent, but we can’t ignore that today is also Canada day! So here are 23 stories about that huge cool country to the north (or the south, if you live on the North Pole) – even if many of its neighbors don’t know where it is.


A Nation Of Size Queens – Not everything is bigger in the US…

Too Provincial With Provinces – All Canadians live on Canada Street, Canada.

Freedom Fries Aren’t Free – Playing fast with the food of a nation.

Conspiracy Weary, Part 2 – History is a lie!

America: Canada’s Shoes – The customer is not always right on both sides of the border.

Sorry, I Canada Understand You – They can’t take that Que-back!

Another Reason To Hate The News – Watching Faux News.

New Degrees Of Stupidity – Celsius, or Fahrenheit, the Canadians are still just wearing a light jacket.

Canada: America’s Hat, Part 8 – Oh, it’s just that 3.8million square miles above you – almost unnoticeable, really.

The Oregon Fail, Part 2 – Ontario 2: The Sequel!

O, Canaduh, Part 8 – Where are all the igloos?!

Border-ing On Love For Donut Holes – To be fair we think this is a perfectly valid reason to cross the border.

The Land Of Maple Leafed Savages – Canada, kept alight by oil lamps running on maple syrup.

The War Of 1812 Redux – Time goes back… so slowly.

Canada, America’s Baseball Cap – Happy pretend independence day!

Canada: America’s Hat, Part 7 – Welcome to the great state of denial.

Yukon Freeze It – We really hope this is a prank call, or a product of brain freeze…

Personally, I Prefer Stars And Polkadots – Some customers flag you down for the wrong reasons…

Yukon Spend It – This customer exchange is done so independently of exchange rates.

Blame Canada! (Day) – Some Canadians also forget that it’s Canada Day!

The Value Of The Dollar Is Niagara Falling – A picture-perfect way to end the roundup!


Happy Canada Day! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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