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I have just finished ringing up a customer’s sale.

Me “That’ll be X dollars and blah blah cents, please”

The customer searches her purse for the right change and then ignores the fact I have my hand out and drops the coins on the counter. As I pick up the coins, she gets a $50 note out. I’ve just picked up the coins and have raised my hand a little, when she stretches her hand out with the note. I turn my hand to accept the note but she just puts her hand under mine to drop the note on the counter. I had to give her a handful of coins because I didn’t have the right notes to give back.

Me *wondering if I should just reach under her outstretched hand and drop the change on the counter “I’m sorry I had to give you so much loose change back” *No I wasn’t.

She just looked back and forth from the handful of coins back to me for a few moments.

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