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(One year I worked at a department store on Easter weekend (the store is never open on Easter Sunday). I worked in the shoe department, and everything is going really well on Good Friday, until I get these two old women heading into the department looking for random shoes.)

Me: Hello, what can I help you find today?

Woman #1: We’re looking for shoes. I thought that was obvious. *rolls eyes to woman #2*

Me: Hah! Such a kidder! What kind of shoes were you looking for today?

Woman #2: We need some new athletics. What do you have in Nike?

Me: We have several new styles that just came in for [average price of the three styles]. Take a look around, and let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll be back to check on you after I check on a few more customers.


Me: I mean… I can check back on you in a few minutes, but I have other customers. Do you need a shoe horn?

Woman #1: No. Fine! Go away!

(I later found out they complained about me, all because I wouldn’t hold their hand with them while they were shopping. They also made a huge mess in the aisle. I don’t understand what possessed them to do it, but they needed to get back to “Entitled Town” urgently, I suppose.)

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