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I am ringing up customers in a local grocery store. An older woman who looks very nervous comes into my lane and puts about 8 items on the belt.

Me: “Good morning.”

Lady: ” … ”

She says nothing but stares at me. When I look at her, her eyes dart away.

I finish scanning her items quickly.

Me: “Your total comes to $8.56, ma’am”

Instead of handing over payment, she hands me a stack of coupons, far more coupons than she has products.

Me: Trying to be friendly, “Wow, you sure have a lot of coupons here…”

Lady: “…”

I try to process the coupons, but our system isn’t taking any of them. As I start to look at them, they are either expired or not for the products she has purchased. I sort them into 2 piles.

Me: “Ma’am, I can’t take any of these, these are expired and these are for completely different products.”

Lady: “Just do your job and take them!”

Me: “Ma’am, again, I can’t…”

Lady: “Fine, here!” Thrusts enough cash to cover her purchase at me.

I finish up the transaction and hand her her change and the coupons that are still good.

Me: “Do you want me to throw these out?” Holding up the expired coupons.

Lady: “NO!” she hisses as she snatches them from my hand. “You have been very rude, where is your manager?”

Me: “That would be *** at the front desk.”

The lady marches away without another word. Fortunately, the register I was working was right next to the front desk so I can see and hear everything.

Lady: “I was just in line and your cashier refused to take these coupons for my purchase. I demand you give me my money for them.”

Manager: “I am sorry to hear that, ma’am can I see your receipt, please?”

Lady: “You don’t need to see my receipt, just process the coupons!” Handing over the same pile she handed to me.

The manager starts to sort them and comes to the same conclusion that I did. He catches on the woman is trying to scam us.

Manager: “Well, Ma’am, these are expired and I need to see your receipt to process the valid ones.”

Lady: Getting desperate, “Well, (competition) would accept these, and they wouldn’t be so difficult!”

Manager: Shrugging, “Well, you can always shop there then.”

The lady gasps very dramatically, grabs her items and leaves, leaving all of her coupons behind. The manager waits for her to leave.

Manager: “Ma’am, you forgot these! Oh, well…” Throws them in the trash…

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