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(I work in a nation-wide chain of pet stores, which bears a resemblance to an unaffiliated competitor. Pet food brands will sometimes sign contracts with either of our stores so that NO company off contract can sell that brand. This has happened to me no less than twenty times over four years.)

Me: Hi there, are you finding everything you need today?
Customer: No, I’m looking for your [brand we cannot carry]. It’s always right here but you’ve moved it.
Me: Oh, I’m sorry, but we’ve actually never carried that brand. It’s contracted with [our competitor.] There are three near town I can direct you to.
Customer: No, no, no, no! I’ve been buying it here twice a month for ten years! It’s always RIGHT HERE and you’ve moved it!
Me: Again, I’m very sorry, but I think you’re mistaking our store for [competitor]. Their company colors are the same and the names are very similar, so I know it’s easy to get us mixed up, but I know for certain that we legally cannot carry that brand.
Customer: Fine, if you’re out of stock I’ll just come back later this week when you do have it. You’d better have it this Friday!
Me: I’m sorry, but we do not carry that brand, so I can tell you for certain we will not have it. Can I at least call [competitor] to verify they have it for you? I’d hate for you to have to suddenly switch your dog’s diet, and the closest store is just one exit north of us.
Customer: *Huffing and rolling her eyes like I’m an idiot.* FINE, call them, but I bet you they don’t have it.

(Of course, they did have it. This is honestly a routine problem and it makes me scared how many fabricated memories I might have if so many customers believe they’ve been shopping at the wrong store for years… Only one of these customers ever admitted to their error and apologized.)

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