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I work at a local gas station. I had this young man walk in the store and = buy several food items. He then asked, “Can I still buy beer?” = I looked at him strangely, thinking he was talking about buying beer on Sun= days. At the time, it was nine at night on Saturday, so I thought it was o= dd he was asking. “Yes, you can,” I said. I then noticed he loo= ked very young as he was walking away. Also, he had took all the food item= s and put them all back. He came up the register with said beer and I aske= d for his id. He had opened his wallet and I saw his id in there but he su= ddenly closed it and said, “I forgot it.” I said, “The law = requires us to see a valid id for purchasing alcohol.” He then change= d his story, “Oh, I’m only 17. Here’s the money.” He = handed me the money and I refused it. I said, “I can’t sell you = alcohol. You’re underage.” He then began begging. “Please= ! I need to buy this beer for my friends!” I still refused and he fi= nally left.

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