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(Where I work, at the self-checkout lanes, once the customer hits “Pay for my order,”the machine will first ask a customer if they have any items under their cart, then it will ask if they have any coupons before asking for the method of payment. I am continually surprised at the number of stupid questions customers have, despite these clear questions.)
Customer 1: (Trying to shove in a dollar bill into the slot.) It’s not taking my dollar! I’m ready to pay and it’s not taking my money!
(I go over and see that they haven’t even selected the “Pay for my order” button. I hit it, then hit “no,” “no,” and “Cash.”)
Me: There. Now it should take your dollar.
Customer 2: (Staring at the screen, which is displaying the “Are there any items under your cart?” question. He says this completely serious.) “I don’t have a cart, what do I do?
(I go over and it “No.”)
Customer 3: (After he has already paid) I think it scanned the price wrong on this. What’s the price supposed to be?
Me: I’m not sure, actually.
Customer 3: Well then, I’m going to go investigate. (Starts to leave.)
Me: Wait, your groceries!
Customer 3: Can’t I just leave them here?
Me: I wouldn’t want to risk someone accidentally taking them, personally.
Customer 3: Hm… Yeah, I guess so.

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