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(I work at a popular frozen food specialist in the uk where the purchase age is 18 but we challenge 25 on pollicy a mother and her daughter come in and the daughter who looks under 18 picks out a bottle of amaretto while the mother shops then then come to the till and bag their shopping and the amaretto is the last item and the daughter gets her money out)

Me:got any ID ladies?

Mother:your haveing a laugh mate

Me:im afraid i have to ID her its the law

Mother:but im buying it not her

Me:then why is your daughter trying to pay miss

(Mother has daughter give her the money)

Mother:are you happy now!

Me:its illegal to buy alcohol for a minor in the united kingdom miss does your daughter have any ID

Mother:how would she have ID shes 16!

Me:then im a affraid i cant serve you

(I stow the amaretto under my till)

Mother:your not even old enough to serve it look at you

Me:im 21 miss

(I ring the bell under my till for my supervisor who is also my sister you cant hear it unless your upstairs)

Mother:im going to have your job you c***

Me:our customer care number is (off by heart) and my supervisor is on her way down if you would like to tallk to her

Mother:shove your shopping up your a**!!!

(At that moment my sister came through the staff door and saw her over arm launch a bag of frozen food into her brothers chest)

Sister:your leaving

Mother:his attitude is vile

Sister:you assulted my staff leave or we call the police on you

(They left swearing at me the whole way to the door. My sister went upstairs emailed the cctv to customer care and we got a phonecall in under 60 seconds to let us know she was perma banned.)

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