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, | Unfiltered | September 30, 2020

(Customer walks up to counter for cigarettes, I may not smoke but I know most cigarette names and their locations behind the counter.)

Me: Hello how can i help you today?

Customer: Yes i’d like a Blue Virginia Slim.

(Note: the Virignia Slims come in 3 sizes, 100s, 120s, and a small size)

Me: Ok? which one would you like?

Customer: The Blue Virginia Slim.

Me: Alright, but we have multiple sizes, *I tell her the sizes*

Customer: The 4th one

*I look at the 4th from the left and it’s red, and the 4th from the right and it’s yellow, I pick up the third from the right, which is the blue 120*

Me: Is this it?

Customer: No I want the Blue Viriginia Slim

*I put it back and grab the 100 pack*

Me: This one?

Customer: Yes thank god you finally found it, oh can you hold it? I forgot my wallet at home.

*She left and I haven’t seen her since*

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