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In the early 1990s, I worked for Radio Shack. I was unique among the store staff in that I had an electronic technician’s certificate and I was an electronic tinkerer. Also important for this story, I am female.

I was stocking what they called “force feed” one day, that being the stuff like little packages of resistors and connectors that are automatically ordered to maintain specific stocking levels. A customer came over and started looking at coaxial cable connectors and accessories, and asked about a specific item. I asked what his application was, and told him that what he was looking for wasn’t the correct item, he needed a different one instead. I believe he actually needed a signal booster and was looking at noise filters. (it’s been 25 years; I can’t remember exactly what it was anymore) He insisted I was wrong, in a rather haughty way. I attempted to explain the functions of both devices, and he cut me off and said “I’ll go talk to a MAN who knows what he’s talking about” with heavy emphasis on the “man” part.

He went up to the store manager, who had been with another customer and hadn’t seen any of this, and asked “Where’s your video expert?” The manager looked around, spotted me over in the corner stocking force feed again, pointed at me, and said “She’s over there.”

The customer never apologized, of course, but he did buy the part he needed.

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