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(I work in a coffee shop. I am at the till and a woman with a daughter who looks around five or six comes up, with a chocolate doughnut and a chocolate coin)
Me: Good morning! Would you like anything else?
Woman: Yes, please. A cappuccino.
Me: Does your daughter what a drink?
Daughter: Yes, please.
Me: What type of drink do you want, sweetie?
Daughter: Just a drink.
Me: I’m afraid we have different kinds of drinks and we can’t give you ‘just a drink’.
Woman: That is outrageous! If she says that she wants a drink, bring her a drink!
Me: (trying to stay calm) I am really sorry, but I need to know exactly what kind of drink.
Daughter: Can I have a lemonade?
Me: Of course you can.
Daughter: I wasn’t talking to you!
Woman: Yes, honey, of course you can have a lemonade.
Me: Is that all? A chocolate doughnut, a chocolate coin, a cappuccino and a lemonade?
Woman: Yes, that is all we want?
Me: That would be $19.99 please.
(Woman hands me $20)
Me: Are you eating out or in?
Woman: What is the difference?
Me: If you eat out, it is like a take away. If you eat in, then you sit at the tables here.
Daughter: Mommy, can we eat in please.
Woman: No, we are eating out. Give me my change!
Me: Here you go! (I hand her the change) Just head over to the coffee point where you will be able to collect your coffee and your lemonade. Enjoy the rest of your day!
Woman: Thank you. Goodbye.

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