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I work at an ice cream store, and I hadn’t been there for about a three weeks due to school commitments. This happened on my first day back at work.

Me: *trying to make a smoothie*

Customer: Hello! How are you? *She came around counter to give me a hug*

Me: *really confused* Hi, I’ve been good. How are you? *I reluctantly hugged her.*

Customer: I’ve been good. How’s your baby?

Me: I don’t have a baby? … Did you mean my dog?

Customer: Yes, that’s your baby. Everyone’s pet is there baby. Like my cat is my baby.

Me: Oh. He’s fine.

At this point I fled to the back. A fifteen minutes later I was telling a co-worker I had no idea who she was. She overheard me and informed me that she was a regular customer. She seemed insulted that I didn’t know her. I have no idea who she was or how she knew I had a dog. I’d remember any customer I’d talk to about my dog, because its not something I do often. It was very embarrassing and surreal.

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