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I’m the dairy manager in our store – I have worked dry grocery in the past, but it’s been awhile. Technically, Dairy is part of dry grocery, but I rarely have anything to do with it.

Today, I heard a call on the intercom for “Grocery”. I ignored it, as there were three people from dry grocery in the store.

A couple of minutes later, I come out of the backroom (and my cooler) to find an older woman standing by the doors asking “Are you bringing the bread?”

I said “What bread?”

She said “Honey wheat”.

Being the nice guy that I am, I ask “Which honey wheat?” knowing the bread is right inside the door, figuring I can get her what she wants.

She says “Honey wheat”.

I said “What KIND of honey wheat?”

“Honey Wheat”


“Honey Wheat”

“WHAT KIND” (should’ve been asking what brand) when her friend interrupts “Nature’s Own Honey Wheat”.


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