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(A woman comes into our showroom. She seems a little disheveled, and I’m doing my best not to judge, but this interaction makes it a little difficult.)

Me: Good afternoon, ma’am, welcome in! How can we help you today?

Woman: Hi, yeah, I’m lost. Can you tell me how to get to (high school)

(Luckily I know the area and I know where she’s trying to go.)

Me: Of course, ma’am, where did you park?

Woman: On the street over there (points)

Me: Okay, that makes it easy. You’re going to go north –

Woman: Where?

Me: You’re going to go THAT direction (points the direction she needs to go), and then you’re going to turn right at the first intersection onto (street) to get to (main street), where you turn left –

Woman: I turn right onto (main street)?

Me: …No, ma’am, you turn right at the first intersection you come to, it’s (street), which you take to the next intersection, which is (main street) –

Woman: But I don’t turn onto (main street)?

Me: No you…Here, let me get you a map, ma’am…

Woman: That would work, thank you!

(unfortunately the map prints out the wrong directions and someone else needs to use the printer, but I do my best to tell her where she needs to go)

Me: Okay, if you look here…this is our location here. If you turn right at this intersection here, and then turn left on (main street), all you need to do is go straight to get to (high school).

Woman: But what if I turn here?

Me: Ma’am, the school is straight north of here. All you need to do is turn right at this intersection, turn left on this street, and you’re there.

Woman: So I don’t want to turn onto (main street)?

Me: The school is ON that street, ma’am. My grandparents lived off that street, and my mother went to that high school.

(The woman stares at me for a moment, disbelieving.)

Woman: Are you sure…?

Me: Ma’am, do you know where (main street) is?

Woman: Yes.

Me: Take that north to (high school)

Woman (suddenly extremely cheerful): Okay! Thank you!

Me: You’re welcome, ma’am, have a good day…

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