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So My step-dad works at a sand and gravel pit running the loaders and other heavy machinery and this is the exchange he had with one of the female dump truck drivers.

Back ground ( this woman had been in a little earlier in the day and had gotten 20 tons of Gravel A. Well she is now back and her employers would now only like 10 tons of Gravel A and she wanted to fix it.

Her ” I only need 10 tons of Gravel A so unload me and give me 10.”
Him ” Okay instead I’ll just take out half of gravel A and then you’ll be good”
Her ” NO. unload me because I only need 10 tons and I need to get rid of what I have”
Him “You have 20 tons of gravel A and you only want 10 tons of the same gravel A right?”
Her ” yes so unload it and give me 10″

After he could get her to understand that taking 10 out of 20 would leave her with what she wanted and save time and effort he said fine we’ll do it your way.

He had her pull over and dump her entire load and then he took his machine and from that same pile put 10 tons back into the truck.
He said he’s not sure if she ever really figured out what he was trying to show her in the first place.

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