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I went into (popular Canadian drugstore) with my step-Mom. While she needed to pick up a prescription, I needed to pick up some pads (you know, for that time of the month).

Though, during this time, I had to use the washroom. As soon as I paid for my product (which I’m new at, so it went awkwardly), I asked the cashier if they had a washroom.

I followed her, carrying my purchase to the bathroom, so that she could unlock the door (you’re only allowed to use the washroom, if you paid for your purchase).

As soon as I was finished my business, I grabbed my phone and wallet, and left the bathroom, only to realize that I forgot my purchase in the bathroom (feminine products, of course)… The door was closing, just as I remembered. Though, it was too late, and it locked!

Cursing to myself, I headed up to another cashier, asking her to politely open the door for me, because I forgot my purchase in there. (How silly of me, right?) Grabbing my pack of products out of the bathroom, feeling victorious, I found my step-Mom, and told her all about it!

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