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(Sometimes in the morning, we do to-go orders before we open at 11am. My managers were just finishing up the orders and placing them on the oven to keep it heated while it waits. About 30 minutes after opening, the pickup lady comes in for her order. As I’m grabbing it, I double-check with my manager that it was paid for and he just signifies me, “Yeah, yes!” )

Me: “Here’s your order Ma’am, my manager said it was taken care of and you’re good to go.”

Customer: “But..I haven’t paid.”

Me: “Oh, well, it’s okay then! He really did tell me that you were all set.”

Customer: “Wait..I don’t understand. Why is this happening? I haven’t paid!” She’s clearly getting frustrated more than happy. Almost an annoyed look on her face.

Me: *looks and sees that the same manager is extremely busy himself* “I mean…I can get him if you’d like, but he is rather busy at this second. I’m sorry ma’am, I’m just listening to what he told me to do. I could get in trouble if I don’t.”

She rolls her eyes, shakes her head and leaves. About 20 minutes later, we get a call and it’s from her asking for a manager. She literally bitched about free food that would’ve normally come out to around $30-40.

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