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(I’m a hostess at a family Mexican restaurant. The woman I’m dire= cting to the table is Latina. I’m 22 and white.)

I was seating this woman at a table for four (although she was the first of= her party to arrive) and after I put the menus down, she requested a booth= , so I picked them back up to move her to the new table. But I noticed that= in the process of originally putting down the menus, I’d knocked the = salt over. I panicked to myself, feeling embarrassed that I’d have to = do the one superstitious thing I do in front of someone else, but I did it = anyway. I threw some of the salt behind my shoulder quickly before directin= g her to the new table, hoping no one had seen me, but then she shouted, &q= uot;YOU DO THAT TOO?!” I laughed sheepishly and told her that it was t= he only superstitious thing I did. I told her that my aunt used to do it a = lot when I was younger and I just picked it up naturally; now I can’t = not do it. She laughed and said that her husband had told her it was a &quo= t;Puerto Rican thing” and that she’d argued he was wrong and now = she had proof (since she saw a young white girl do it). She asked me where = I was from and I said Florida and then she asked me my name. I told her and= she shook my hand and smiled. We chatted shortly after then I went back to= work.

It was just so neat and touched my heart a bit. Humans are so odd. We conne= cted over such a small and strange thing.

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