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, | Unfiltered | September 27, 2020
(A stupid, tired looking woman comes to check in –I’m a woman too, but I know that females can be really dumb– and I ask for her credit card and ID. She rolls her eyes like I jut told her to run around the block twice and hands them to me.)

Me: “Thank you…” *swipes* “Ok, it went through, here’s your keys!”

Woman: *blurts out* “No, waaaitttt! Why did you swipe it?? I wanted to pay cash instead.”

Me: *mental facepalm* “Ma’am I just swiped your card…but it’s ok, no charges were taken out. Just an authorization.”

Woman: “Good.”

(I take her cash payment and give her her change, still shaking my head.)

Woman: “Are you sure there’s no charges on the card that I gave you?”

Me: “Yes, there are no charges on the card that I swiped, just an authorization.”

(She asks for her receipt and I give it to her, and she looks at it really carefully, seeing just the payment of cash on it. Finally satisfied, she flounces away. I don’t know why people give me their card if they don’t want me to swipe it, what am I going to do, hang it on my wall as decoration? )

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