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My store’s policy is that if the price on the tag is wrong we give the tag’s price. It’s not often that it happens but when things change price it does occasionally. I’m walking past behind the registers to my zone while my coworker is checking someone out. I dont hear the beginning but I can assume some confusion and asking of the toys price before tax is added by the rest of the interaction.

Co-Worker: its $18.95

Woman: but the tag says $14

Me and my Co-Worker look confused and I stop walking and check the tag. While I’m checking the customers are saying how a lot of them are priced 14 and want to know why some are 18 and some 14.

Co-Worker: the new price is 18, I’m sorry, let me call-

Customer: you HAVE to give us the price on it.

Me: yes, we are. We just have to call a captain to change it. *to co-worker* I’ll go pull the rest.

I really wish I could’ve said more to her like if she didn’t cut off my co worker so rudely that she wouldve heard we that we cant change the price and have to call a captain to do it.

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